We don't talk about Ammon


Human Cleric (Liberation, Nobilty) 6

Currently dead


Ammon lost the ability to speak at a young age, having grown up in the anarchic arid desert ‘nation’ Alfonsilon. He adventured northward, there was an incident with a brothel, and he wound up in a field. His sponsor, Aris, took pity on his alignment issues. His closest intraparty relationship was with kind Nora.

Ammon had recently returned from a 15-year spiritual journey while in a catatonic state in a volcano. Somehow, he wound up in a dungeon and nearly lost his mule. He grew hair as of late, and rapidly changes body type (seemingly according to the whim of a more distant sponsor called Neave). Somehow his divine power remained intact, but the party didn’t question it because at least he was a healer.

Over the course of one of his many adventures, his beloved mule was paralyzed by a lich. Ammon died by electrocution while being strangled, as you do. But as the phylactery of the lich was thereby trapped inside the cursed necklace seemingly eternally bound to Ammon’s body, perhaps this wasn’t the cleric’s last stand after all…


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