Human Fighter 6


Efaria grew up on the docks of Port Line, Aerumar. Her family had little money and lived in a small shack. After her parents died in a horse-and-carriage accident, she lived on the streets where she became good friends with a boy about her age named Alavon. They made it by hiding out, forging for scraps, and ocasionally Alavon swiped from the local merchants. The two became very close as they were the only family they had. As they got older, though, Efaria started feeling ill about what they were doing and Alavon started getting into more and more trouble. One day an adventurer by the name of Kaylos came by the docks and spent the day talking with the people of the town. Efaria and he talked for a long while, and when they finished he gave her a bundle of gold peices and she was determined to explore the world and help out the less fortunate as he had. She started following the sponsor Kousei and exploring the world. While she was on her travels, she met Sirona and they have been adventuring together for quite some time, both atempting to do a little more good in the world. As she was adventuring, she has learnd that perhaps her childhood friend Alavon has become a rather infamous pirate and a complete drunkard.


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