Fetchling shadowdancer just trying to get home


Nora is 34 years old. She is a Fetchling from Enigma, and due to her homeland and race, Nora is short compared to human standards (she only stands 5’ 4”) and very thin (90lbs.). Her natural hair color is unknown to her companions since she dyes her hair purple like most other young Fetchlings do in her village. Nora inherited her unusual Blue-Green eye color from her mother.


Nora was raised by her mother in a small village in Enigma. While she was with her tiefling girlfriend Amanda, an unknown attacker seemed to destroy her world and she was deposited on the Material Plane. Since then, her goal has been to find out what happened and to get home.

On her travels she came across and “adopted” a little girl called Charlotte. Additionally, she now has a mysterious grey egg Aris asked her to take care of. Her closest intraparty relationships are with Levi and Ammon.

After Nora returned to Enigma, she returned to her hometown more advanced in her Summoning studies than most of the other townsfolk. Thus, Nora left to continue her studies in one of Enigma’s larger towns. Out of all of her compatriots, she has only kept in touch with Charlotte and Levi- but even then, contact was minimal.


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