Peony Tarae

Druidic voice of reason


Halfling Druid 7


Peony comes from the woods in the northeast part of Aerumar. Her family got the Manifest Destiny idea in their heads and they moved west. Peony didn’t really want to leave; she decided to go on the lam, and came along a drunk elf in a burning tree. After the elf’s rescue, the two decided to travel together. They met Lykosa in a tavern and set out on a quest for treasure.

Her animal companion is Wolf Buddy, who saves the party from danger quite often. But Peony also holds her own in combat; she once killed a fire drake with a tomato-.

Peony’s brother Frederick almost married a criminal, but didn’t. His ex-fiancee also tried to steal the Taraes’ diamond necklace, a priceless family heirloom.

Peony’s dream is to become a sushi chef. She is also currently a lord of the 12th province of Halflingland, Dictionopolis.

Peony Tarae

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