ECLECTIC ENDEAVORS (On hiatus; running since Jan 2015)
It started as a series of one-shots. Gradually, it became a band of unlikely friends. By working together, either for selfish or cooperative ends, each individual pursues his own goal.

PEONY is a halfling noble with a keen eye for politics as well as a knack for all things natural. She can be found juggling her responsibilites as a provincial lord with the tribulations of nobly adventuring alongside her animal companion, Wolf Buddy.
LYKOSA is a half-elf sorceress with a bit of dragon blood in her. Family honor is important to her, and kobolds aren’t. She has lately become caught up in some political happenings in Aerumar, though her whereabouts have been unknown to her companions for over a decade.
ALICE is a merfolk princess of a sprawling undersea metropolis. She has yet to reveal her true name, yet alone nature, to her group of newfound companions, at present preferring to keep the details of her druidic quest to herself.
EFARIA has travelled alongside Sirona for some time. Her spontaneous nature is quick enough to ignite that she has proven herself a beyond valuable ally in combat. Perhaps there is an underlying secret to her behaviour, however…

UNDERLINGS (Canon one-shot, planned for July 2017)
Just after the kobolds seized power in Aerumar, the capital city of Royal was thrown into chaos. It’s a golden time for banditing, and since mooks are now more disposable than ever, all manners of mob bosses are hiring low-level adventurers.

Retired Adventurers
EMMY is an elf evoker who disappeared without a trace early in her quest. The true chaos of her nature lay in the constant fluctuation of her spirit between good and evil tendencies.
LEVI is an elven barbarian/necromancer turned mob boss. Despite being borderline chaotic evil, she’s pieced together a good bit of her history and has recently retired from adventuring to become a mob boss full-time.
NORA is a fetchling shadowdancer who was trapped in the material plane. Her main motivation was to get home, but in the meantime she lent to others a helping hand and as such made a good many friends. She now lives peacefully in Enigma, but her young apprentice Charlotte adventured on for a time in her stead.
LITZY is a gnomish sorcerer of noble descent and one of Peony’s trusted advisors. A smallish creature with a biggish heart, it may prove that she has political aspirations of her own to attend to. After all, her power’s in the air.
CHARLOTTE is a young-but-hardened sorcerer who grew up primarily with an adventuring party. Her origin is mysterious even to her. As her powers continued to mature she founded an alchemist’s guild in Halflingland.
AMMON returned after mysteriously disappearing in an ancient halfling mine 15 years ago. He was as inexplicable as ever up to his death, but that isn’t something we talk about.
SIRONA was yet another mysterious character to have been thrown into the mix. A foreigner and a master of unarmed combat, it is said that in her youth she used a skull as a punching bag. But then again, that’s only the bare bones of the story. She too has vanished after defeating the cultists who destroyed her childhood.